These plants are known to attract butterflies and are perfect for your butterfly garden.

Rose-Perfume Delight

Perfume Delight

Long, pointed buds unfurl to large, double blooms of glowing deep-pink.  Great cut flower.  Wonderfully fragrant.  Vigorous.(HT)AARS 1974

This plant attracts butterflies.
Rose-Carefree Spirit

Carefree Spirit

This mounding rose produces deep red blossoms with wihte twinkles in their eyes.  Glossy, dark green foliage.  VERY disease resistant.  Vigorous.(SHR)AARS2009

This plant attracts butterflies.
Rose- Oklahoma


"Blackish red buds open to large blooms with full petals.  A very dark red.  Very fragrant.(HT)

This plant attracts butterflies.
Roses-Ink Spots


Pointed buds open to well-formed velvety dark red blooms.  Our darkest red.  Light rose fragrance.  Almost no thorns!(HT)

This plant attracts butterflies.
Roses-Crimson Bouquet

Crimson Bouquet

Brilliant clusters of bright red flowers.  Well shaped plant with deep green glossy leaves.(GR)AARS 2000

This plant attracts butterflies.
Roses-Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln

Deep re velvet blooms on long stems.   It has abundant true row fragrances.(HT)AARS 1965

This plant attracts butterflies.
red yucca, plant, cacti, louisiana, nursery

Red Yucca

The red yucca is a very useful plant in many landscapes.  Thin, tough foliage gives it excellent heat, drought and cold protection here in the South.  Bright tubular flowers bloom for months and are a great butterfly and hummingbird attraction.

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
cacti, plant, louisiana, nursery


Their distinctive appearance is a result of adaptations to conserve water.  All species of cactus are uniquely beautiful and have many landscape and home uses.

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
tulips, plant, bulbs, louisiana, nursery


Tulips are often one of the first flowers of Spring.  They require a cooling period of up to 8-12 weeks.  Place them in your crisper opposite your apples and onions.  Wait to plant as late as Valentine’s Day to get an Easter Tulip Show!

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
bearded, iris, plant, bulbs, louisiana, nursery,

Bearded Iris

The iris family is among the most elegant yet easy to grow additions to any garden.  They are so dependable and come in so many sizes and colors you won’t just want one.

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.