These plants are known to attract butterflies and are perfect for your butterfly garden.

artemisia 'silver mound'

Artemisia-Wormwood 'Silver Mound'

Most popular form and one of the best gray-colored perennials, soft silver-gray foliage fowms rounded compact mounds, excellent for edging or in rock gardens.  Height 8-10", Zones 3-8.

This plant attracts butterflies.

Amosonia-Arkansas Bue Star 'Hubrictii'

Very fine, needle-like leaves on tall stems turn a beautiful golden yellow in the fall.  Bears light blue to white star-shaped flowers but the key attraction of the plant is the foliage.  A lovely, easy-care specimen.  Perennial plant of the year 2011.  Thrives in full sun or part shade.  Height 2-3', Zones 5-9

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
agastache 'red fortune'

Agastache-Anise Hysop 'Red Fortune'

Bright, magenta-red flower spikes are loved by both gardeners and winged creature alike.  Fragrant, heat and drought tolerant, Agastache is easy to grow.  Long lasting blooms are suitable for cut flowers.  Height 24"-36". Zones 5-10

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
achillea-yarrow colorado

Achillea-Yarrow Colorado

Fern-like foliage bears flowers grown in clusters.  Strong sturdy stems with superior branching produce broad and more uniform canopies of rose-pink blooms, exceptional long bloom time, Zone 3-9.

This plant attracts butterflies.
achillea pmegranate

Achillea-Yarrow Pomegranate

Rich magenta red flowers with dark green foliage, a robust grower with strong stems, eceptional disease resistance and heat tolerance, excellent cut flower, zone 3-8

This plant attracts butterflies.
Herb-Spanish Spearmint

Spearmint- Spanish

White flowers in summer; darkish green, wrinkled leaves.  Use in hot dishes, meat, poultry, and fish cooking, cheese seasoning, green salads, teas.  Height 24".  (Mentha spicata)

This plant attracts butterflies.
Herb-Cabone Wine & Roses

Thyme-Cabone Wine & Roses

A selection chosen for its wonderful ornamental quality but still useful as a culinary herb.  Foliage is covered by pink-purple blossoms.  A low creeper, up to 4" tall, spreading out to 12".  (Thymus vulgaris)

This plant attracts butterflies.
Herb-Wild Thyme


6" creeping plants with sweet scented foliage covered with purplish-rose flowers.  Evergreen leaves turn bronze in the Fall.  Blooms Summer-Fall.  (serpyllum)

This plant attracts butterflies.
Herb-Tangerine Scarlet Sage

Sage-Tangerine Scarlet

Striking red flowers in mid-late summer.  Leaves are green with a slight red tinge on the edges.  Citrus scented.  Use for meat, poultry, and fish cooking.  Height 20". (Salvia elegans)

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.
Herb-Common Sage


Ultra hardy plants reach 2ft. tall and 5ft. wide.  Gray-green foliage and small lavender-blue blooms.  Used for poultry flavoring and teas for medicinal use.  (Salvia officinalis)

This plant attracts butterflies.This plant attracts hummingbirds.